Top Common Car Crash Causes

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Human error causes about 94 percent of car crashes, a statistic that is cited very often in many calls for driverless cars. Sometimes, the human error is a one-off mistake that had tragic consequences, sometimes simple negligence is involved, and sometimes the tortfeasor (negligent driver) intentionally disregarded a known risk and thereby endangered the property [...]

Civil Liability In Alcohol-Related Crashes

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Largely because it is such a powerful and widely-available drug, alcohol is a contributing factor in about a third of the fatal car crashes in Florida. What legal recourse do these victims have in civil court? Alcohol is a depressant that slows reaction time, so impaired drivers take longer to react to approaching hazards. Alcohol [...]

Distracted Driving Bookends In 2016

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Two separate incidents from this year illustrate how much lawmakers and law enforcement officials grapple with distracted driving issues. In January, a Cobb County, Georgia officer cited a man for distracted driving because he was eating a cheeseburger while driving, and Georgia has a very broad distracted driving law that prohibits “any actions which shall [...]

Asleep At The Wheel

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A teenager is dead after a woman dozed off while driving, ran off the road and collided with a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. According to the Florida Highway Patrol and witnesses at the scene, 16-year-old Sanjay Nandram, of Apopka, was standing next to his vehicle after a non-injury accident forced it onto the east [...]

The Deadliest Driving Counties and States Throughout the United States

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The Auto Insurance Center gathered data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System to identify America’s deadliest driving counties and states. The Auto Insurance Center looked at a total of 714,956 fatal accidents over a 20-year period and indexed stats against the number of people living in each county and state. [...]

Establishing Liability and Apportioning Damages in a Car Accident

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Every day throughout the United States, there are thousands of car accidents that cause devastating injuries and numerous deaths. Tragically, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of injuries and deaths in the United States. Unfortunately, it is likely that either you or someone you know will be in a car accident. As such, it [...]

Florida Has One of the Highest Percentages of Uninsured Drivers

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Nearly every state in the United States requires car drivers to obtain car insurance. Despite laws requiring insurance, however, it should come as no surprise that many millions of drivers still do not obtain insurance. Either they are unable to pay for car insurance or they simply refuse. According to a recent report from the [...]