Four Quick Facts About Florida Motorcycle Crashes

2018-10-29T10:45:00-07:00November 2nd, 2018|Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury|

As the calendar moves toward fall, the number of motorcycle crashes begins to decline in many parts of the country. It is simply too cold to ride. But in Florida, the year-round warm temperatures also mean year-round motorcycle crashes. Although they are much less common than vehicle-on-vehicle collisions, vehicle-on-motorcycle collisions often cause catastrophic injuries. Other [...]

Three Under-The-Radar Facts About Florida Motorcycle Crashes

2018-07-23T10:46:33-07:00July 27th, 2018|Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury|

The oft-quoted statistic is that motorcycle-vehicle crashes are twenty-nine times more deadly than vehicle-vehicle crashes. The reason is simple. Vehicle occupants usually have several restraint layers for protection, not to mention a plastic, steel, and glass cocoon. Motorcycle riders almost literally only have the clothes on their backs. But, items like these only tell part [...]

Special Issues In Motorcycle Crashes

2018-04-30T09:44:28-07:00May 4th, 2018|Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury|

Alcohol, speed, and distracted driving cause most of the car crashes in Florida. But motorcycle crashes are different. Instead of an intentional, or at least reckless, violation of the rules of the road, lack of visibility causes most motorcycle accidents. In fact, about a third of motorcycle-vehicle collisions are left turn wrecks. The tortfeasor (negligent [...]

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