Justice And Compensation For Florida Animal Attack Victims

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In most premises liability cases, such as slip-and-fall injuries and swimming pool drownings, victim/plaintiffs must establish both negligence and knowledge in order to obtain compensation. But dog bite injuries work a little differently. Florida is one of the few states that has a strict liability law. But the Sunshine State’s law is rather unique, mostly

Some Basics About Dog Bite Injuries In Florida

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In 2017, the number of dog bite homeowners’ insurance policy claims jumped by almost 20 percent. Furthermore, mostly because of rising medical expenses and better understanding of claims, the average claim amount has risen over 70 percent since 2003. Serious dog bite incidents usually involve major reconstructive surgery. When animals attack, they usually cause both

The Dangers Of Dog Bites In Florida

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In the United States, dangerous dogs kill one person every seventeen days. Moreover, a significant proportion of these animals attack strangers without any provocation whatsoever. In other words, serious dog bite injuries happen a lot, and they can happen anytime or anywhere. Fortunately for victims, Florida has one of the strongest anti-dog bite laws in

Winning Damages In Florida Dog Bite Cases

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These animal attacks are extremely costly, as the average hospital bill is 50 percent higher for dog bites than for other injury-related stays. Extensive emergency care usually means extensive physical rehabilitation as well. Adult victims are usually not able to work during this period, and child victims may never fully recover from their physical injuries.

What To Expect When Animals Attack

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In 2016, there were more dog bite claims in Florida than any other state except California. Nationwide, these victims obtained a collective $612 million from homeowners’ insurance companies alone, an amount that has increased 70 percent since 2003. That increase has much to do with the skill of victims’ attorneys, escalating medical costs, and the

Understanding Dog Bite Claims

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The total amount of dog bite claims has increased precipitously in recent years, and now stands at over $32,000 per claim. The phrase “dog bite” is actually somewhat inaccurate, since many times, the knockdown alone is sufficient to cause serious injuries. Moreover, in most cases, the collateral consequences of these incidents are very serious. Younger

Breaking Down A Dog Bite Case

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In our increasingly-polarized society, the battle lines are clearly drawn in dog bite cases. Some states have laws which essentially immunize owners against negligence lawsuits, through procedural hurdles, damage caps, or both. Other states, including Florida, have more victim-friendly laws which make it easier to file, and win, a damage claim. Dog Bite Law in

The Dollars And Sense Of Dog Bite Claims

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In 2015, American homeowners insurance companies paid over $530 million to settle dog bite claims. That figure has increased almost every year since 2013, and the $530 million level is 15 percent higher than it was in 2014. Observers say the nature of these attacks is mostly responsible for the near-perennial increases. In addition to