Do you feel ready to take to the open road on a bike? Riding a motorcycle can feel like flying. A motorcycle is more than just a way to travel, but an experience.  And it can also be very dangerous in the hands of an unskilled rider.

A motorcycle safety course may not sound like the most enjoyable way to spend some afternoons, but it could end up saving your life on the road. A course can provide many needed skills, refreshers, and more to new riders.

1. Confidence

Motorcycle riders need to feel confident on the road and on their bike. A nervous and new rider could lose control or be more distractable. A bike is very different from driving and requires specific skills.

Safety courses offer motorcyclists more confidence while on the road. And even if you’re an experienced rider, you can find a more challenging course to ensure you’re ready to ride if it’s been a few years since you’ve been on a bike.

2. Accident Prevention

The most obvious thing a motorcycle safety course helps with is accident prevention. A motorcycle accident can result in serious injury. And you could also harm others as well as yourself. Accident prevention is more than just wearing a helmet and the right clothes.

There are more things to look out for on the road than you might imagine while riding a motorcycle and taking a safety course can help you be better prepared to help yourself and others. Even if you feel comfortable after riding a little, a course is a good idea to make sure you’re ready no matter what the situation.

3. Better Be Sure

Taking a motorcycle course can help you determine if you truly want to buy a bike. A car is more of an investment in transportation than anything else. Motorcycle riders might be drawn in by the look and feel of a bike without knowing what they’re getting into.

Do you know how to ride a bike in all conditions and do so safely? Getting into an accident on a motorcycle can be much more severe than in a car as it’s a very different vehicle. A motorcycle safety course will help you feel certain about buying a bike and about your skills while riding it.

4. Lower Rates

Car insurance is one thing, and motorcycle insurance is another. Depending on your insurance company, taking a safety course could help you receive lower rates on your insurance. It shows you are prepared to ride responsibly and many companies take it as a sign that you’re less likely to be involved in an accident.

5. Quicker Ride to Licensing

Knowing the traffic signs and following the speed limit is one thing on your own, but another when someone is watching over your shoulder. In some places, taking a safety course can help motorcycle riders receive their motorcycle license without having to worry about the written test or the riding test, depending on location. Some courses in certain states are certification programs where you become licensed immediately following the completion of the course.

Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course

Motorcycle riders new and experienced can benefit from a motorcycle safety course. If nothing else than to ensure you have all the skills and refresh your memory on how to ride well, a course will keep you and others safe on the road. And if you found this helpful, there are plenty more great tips for motorists here.