The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) issued a safety communication or alert last week regarding mammograms performed at Boston Diagnostic Imaging located on Orange Avenue in Orlando, Florida.

Alert Specifics

The FDA is alerting patients who received mammograms at Boston Diagnostic in Orlando anytime after May 13, 2013 that there may be quality problems with their mammograms. Please note, to be clear, this alert does not mean that the results of the mammograms were inaccurate. Please see the section below about what to do if you received a mammogram from the facility after May 13, 2013.

Further, the alert applies to the Orlando Boston Diagnostic Imaging facility only. It does not apply to any other Boston Diagnostic Imaging locations. In addition, it only applies to mammograms; the Orlando Boston Diagnostic facility’s other services remain fully accredited.

When the facility applied for its accreditation renewal, deficiencies in its mammogram studies were noted. Based on these deficiencies, the American College of Radiology conducted a further study of the facility’s mammograms performed between May 2013 and May 2015.

Because the American College of Radiology found quality problems with the facility’s mammograms, the FDA suspended the facility’s certificate to perform mammograms on August 13, 2015. As such, due to the suspension, the facility is no longer permitted to perform mammograms.

What to do if You Obtained a Mammogram at Boston Diagnostic Imaging – Orlando

If you received a mammogram at the Boston Diagnostic Imaging facility on Orange Avenue in Orlando at any point after May 13, 2013, the FDA recommends the following:

  • If you received a mammogram from another certified provider or facility any time after the mammogram received at Boston Diagnostic, you should follow the health care treatment regimen and recommendations of that facility and/or your health care provider.
  • If you have not received a mammogram since your mammogram at Boston Diagnostic, you should contact your health care provider or doctor immediately to discuss the situation with him or her. Your doctor may recommend a follow-up evaluation and/or a follow-up mammogram. You should follow the directions of your health care provider.
    • If you need a follow-up mammogram and your health insurance will not cover the costs of such mammogram, you can contact the National Cancer Institute at 800-422-6237 (800-4-CANCER) to get help with finding a low-cost certified mammography facility near you.

Boston Diagnostic is in the process of contacting all of its affected patients. You and your doctor should have or will be contacted by the facility about this situation with instructions for further care and imaging.

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If you received a mammogram from Boston Diagnostic any time after May 13, 2013, and particularly if you have not been contacted by the facility, you should call us immediately. In the event there was a quality issue with your mammogram, your mammogram may have been inaccurate and incorrectly interpreted. The Brandon attorneys at Reed & Reed have the experience needed to fully represent you if your mammogram was incorrectly interpreted. From our office in Brandon, we help clients in Tampa, New Tampa, Plant City, East Hillsborough County and throughout the state of Florida. Contact Reed & Reed for a free consultation.