How To Handle Some Frequent Defenses In Florida Car Wreck Cases

2018-01-08T09:26:57-08:00January 12th, 2018|Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Insurance companies are in business to make money, not to help people in times of need. Since they make money by denying claims, they use teams of investigators and lawyers who scour through the facts and the law looking for loopholes that enable them to deny liability in car crash claims. An effective attorney is [...]

Do-It-Yourself Movers and Car Crash Damages

2017-12-19T06:08:01-08:00December 19th, 2017|Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Spring arrives in just a few more months. When it does, in addition to the normal cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs, many Florida roads will be dotted with U-Haul trucks and other do-it-yourself moving trucks of various sizes. Even the smaller trucks are difficult enough to drive on wide and straight freeways. They are almost [...]

Common Issues In Alcohol-Involved Crashes

2017-12-13T07:25:07-08:00December 13th, 2017|Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Over the last several decades, police have developed aggressive new tactics and began using advanced technological tools to combat drunk driving. At the same time, legislators have passed strict new laws which are designed to do the same thing. Florida’s controversial refusal-to-submit law is one of the more recent examples. Yet despite all these efforts, [...]

Recent And Potential Developments In Drowsy Driving Cases

2017-10-20T06:11:42-07:00October 20th, 2017|Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Now that House lawmakers have rejected a last-ditch effort to delay the Electronic Logging Device rule, can a similar provision for passenger vehicles be far behind? Since lawmakers voted down the ELD Extension Act of 2017 by a 246-173 count, the ELD rule will go into effect as scheduled in December 2017, absent an extremely [...]

Some Common Insurance Company Car Crash Defenses

2017-10-10T06:13:34-07:00October 13th, 2017|Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Despite what catchy commercial jingles may imply, an insurance company is not “on your side” if you are a car crash victim. These businesses make money by collecting large premiums and denying as many claims as possible, which is why the company is committed to minimum compensation for victims. In court, insurance company lawyers usually [...]

Top Common Car Crash Causes

2017-09-25T09:02:49-07:00September 29th, 2017|Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Human error causes about 94 percent of car crashes, a statistic that is cited very often in many calls for driverless cars. Sometimes, the human error is a one-off mistake that had tragic consequences, sometimes simple negligence is involved, and sometimes the tortfeasor (negligent driver) intentionally disregarded a known risk and thereby endangered the property [...]

Vicarious Liability And Vehicle Leases

2017-08-31T09:43:10-07:00September 8th, 2017|Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Per the negligent entrustment rule, vehicle owners are liable for damages if they allow people to use their vehicles and those individuals negligently injure someone else. However, because of the Graves Amendment, this rule has limited applicability in commercial transactions, such as those that involve U-Haul and other moving truck rental cases. This issue is [...]

Winning Money In Alcohol-Related Car Crashes

2017-08-02T11:10:52-07:00August 4th, 2017|Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Human error causes almost all car crashes, and many times, that error is unrelated to driving. For example, a tire may be defective or the operator may be too sleepy to drive. Alcohol impairment, which is a factor in about a third of the fatal vehicle collisions in Florida, may be the most prominent example. [...]

Breaking Down A Drowsy Driving Crash

2017-07-07T05:42:18-07:00July 7th, 2017|Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

The AAA estimates that fatigued drivers cause about a third of the injury crashes in Florida, but this figure is nothing more than a rough estimate. For one thing, there is no “Breathalyzer” test to determine fatigue; for another, many law-enforcement agencies do not code crashes as drowsy driving-related unless the tortfeasor (negligent driver) falls [...]

Civil Liability In Alcohol-Related Crashes

2017-05-26T06:55:02-07:00May 26th, 2017|Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Largely because it is such a powerful and widely-available drug, alcohol is a contributing factor in about a third of the fatal car crashes in Florida. What legal recourse do these victims have in civil court? Alcohol is a depressant that slows reaction time, so impaired drivers take longer to react to approaching hazards. Alcohol [...]

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