Just last month, the Orlando Sentinel published an opinion piece on how the increase in automobile accident deaths may be a cause of accidents that occur between heavier and lighter motor vehicles. The column suggests that car accidents are on the rise due to the effects that gas prices have on the size of cars people are purchasing. Generally, larger cars get fewer miles to the gallon than smaller cars. Thus, when gas prices are lower, people are more willing to purchase larger vehicles. On the contrary, those who are more concerned with rising gas prices are more likely to purchase smaller and lighter cars. In addition to the effect gas prices can have on car size purchases, the negative effects that cars have on the environment can cause individuals to be more likely to purchase smaller and lighter cars.

The Combination of Big and Little Cars Results in Big Problems

While a car accident can be deadly regardless of the size of the car, when a lighter and heavier car get into an accident death becomes a more likely result. This does not mean that everyone should go out and purchase heavier cars. However, people with lighter cars need to be aware of the dangers while people with heavier cars need to take precautions to ensure that they do not cause an accident on the road. Regardless of the size of the car, drivers need to make sure that they are engaged with the road and do not have any distractions.

Ways to Prevent An Accident with a Lighter Car

If you or someone you love owns a lighter car, there are steps that you can take to ensure that you are never involved in a fatal car accident. These preventative measures include:

  • Sign up for a defensive driving safety course with the National Safety Council;
  • Wear your seatbelt at all times;
  • Make sure that you are not distracted by anything including texting, eating, or talking on your cell phone;
  • Before taking any medication, check to make sure that it will not alter your ability to respond when necessary; and
  • Those with larger vehicles should ensure that their mirrors are placed, so that both vehicles their size and larger vehicles are within their view.

Although some of these tips may seem like common sense, you may be surprised by how many people still do not take these precautions. There are other precautions that could help ensure a balance on the size of the road. For example, Florida could create a highway lane designated solely for smaller vehicles.

Has Your Small Car Caused You Big Problems?

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