This summer, a three-year-old boy was found dead in Disney World’s Art of Animation Resort Pool after drowning. His family was in and out of the pool when the adults realized they lost sight of the boy. Three lifeguards and his father found him at the bottom of a shallow part of the pool. After the father pulled the child out, one lifeguard performed CPR while the other lifeguard went to obtain the defibrillator. A nurse who was on vacation was able to perform compressions while waiting for the ambulance. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital. A spokesperson from Disney has said that they are working with the family. Due to Orlando’s many attractions and warm weather, drowning accidents are common, which is why Florida has outlined laws for water recreation attractions and specialized pools.

Florida Specialized Pool

Florida requires that companies that plan on having specialized pools and water recreation attractions take special precautions to help prevent drowning. Some of these precautions are based on the type of attraction.

  • For pools that have water slides, the pool must be made of slip-resistant material, and the slide must be constructed so there is a lockable gate to prevent a person from climbing up stairs or ladder to the slide when a lifeguard is not on duty.
  • Water activity pools must meet an overhead clearance requirement. This will prevent a child from becoming entrapped. A pool of this nature must also be designed in a way that allows for it to be operated and maintained in a safe manner.
  • The design and construction of special purpose pools must be within the limits of sound engineering practices. These types of pools are similar to the ones at the Art of Animation resort and may contain interactive water features such as spray features. These spray features are regulated under this law.

Although these pools for the most part will provide a lot of entertainment and fun, if they are not properly built or taken care of, they can be dangerous. If you think that there was any negligence at the amusement park or special pool you were visiting where your loved one was injured or killed, you should consult with an attorney. An attorney will know what information is necessary to determine whether the pool’s owner is liable for the tragic accident. In addition, if your loved one was injured or killed in a residential pool, there are different requirements. An experienced attorney will be able to analyze the rules that apply based on the location of the pool.

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