That moment of panic and pain right after an accident is a horrible time for anyone. An accident of any size can leave you hurt, both with physical pain and a potential legal quagmire. How do you get through it?

The key is knowing what steps to take. After a slip and fall accident, you need to keep a calm and collected mind. Missing a vital step can cause a lot more pain down the line.

Let’s dig into what you need to do after an accident so you can recover fast and well. 

Your Slip and Fall Accident Aftermath

While a slip and fall accident may seem like a simple case to not worry over, the long term damage it can cause may shock you. Here are 5 major tips you need to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in a slip and fall accident. 

1. Get Medical Help Immediately

As soon as possible after the accident, make sure you see a medical professional in case you have any injuries. Even if there are no physical marks such as cuts or bruises, you might have internal damage that needs immediate medical attention.

After an accident, shock can often make it feel like we are fine when we are not. Even something as simple as a sprained wrist or pulled muscle can be a major issue if not treated.

2. Report the Accident

When you get the chance, report the accident to the property owner. If it happens at a business, you can often report it to a manager and follow up to make sure the owner knows. If it happens at a residence, talk with the homeowner.

The sooner you note the incident, the sooner you can resolve legal issues. 

3. Avoid Discussing the Accident

One major issue with dealing with a slip and fall accident is discussing the accident itself. Do not speak a word to anyone about the incident outside of a straightforward report of the incident to the property owner or talks with your lawyer. 

You may find that any details you give about the accident can come up in court. This includes downplaying the damage of the accident or accepting any blame. This often gets a case dismissed in court. 

4. Contact Your Lawyer

With any accidents, getting in touch with your lawyer is key. The above information is simple to keep you safe and secure after an accident, but it will not inform you about any real legal troubles you may find. 

A good lawyer, one that is knowledgable about cases like your own, will tell you all you need to know and protect you from some major ramifications. 

5. Document Everything

To help secure your case in court, make sure you document as much from the accident as you can. Take photos of your injuries and photos of the environment from the fall. The more information on the damage and unsafe environment you can have, the stronger your case will be.

It can be hard to photograph everything but even the smallest bit of evidence can help to tilt a case in your favor. 

Getting the Help You Need

A slip and fall accident doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Even with a major injury, the right medical and legal help can get you the help you need.

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