An Orlando woman tragically died recently from injuries she sustained in a crash. What makes this story unique, however, is that the woman’s injuries were inconsistent with typical car accident injuries because the windows remained intact and the woman wore her seatbelt. Instead, according to the medical examiner’s report, the Orlando woman apparently died from a faulty airbag in her 2001 Honda Accord.

The woman’s airbag, made by Takata, apparently improperly ruptured, which caused shards and shrapnel to explode everywhere. Photographs of the accident scene “revealed plastic and metal fragments throughout the driver compartment, multiple tears to the airbag, as well as blood on the air bag.”

The final autopsy report confirmed shrapnel as the cause of death in the car crash. The report also noted that blunt force to the head and neck contributed to the Florida woman’s death. In the report, the medical examiner wrote, “[i]t is my opinion that the injuries were caused solely by the collision and explosion of the airbag with her death a result of the penetrating injuries of the neck, as well as blunt force injuries to the head and neck.”

Takata, the maker of the airbag in the Honda Accord, has been linked to five deaths throughout the United States relating to faulty air bags that can potentially explode and project shrapnel. In response to these deaths, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has ordered that car makers recall cars with airbags made by Takata. Initially, a recall had been issued for cars only in regions with high humidity. Over the past six years, around 16 million cars worldwide have been recalled because of faulty air bags made by Takata.

The woman’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Takata, as well as Honda. The crash is still being investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol.

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