Each year, hospitals and medical facilities across the United States pay out billions of dollars in medical negligence settlements. In fact, in 2018, about $4,031,987,700 was paid to complainants in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Have you lately been harmed while under the care of a doctor? If yes, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

But things aren’t always black and white.

Continue reading if you’re uncertain if you should initiate a lawsuit. The 7 signs listed below indicate that you should consider hiring a medical malpractice attorney in Brandon, Florida, to assist you with your case.

1. A Delayed Diagnosis/ Misdiagnosis Has Severely Affected You

A delayed diagnosis can be fatal. On the other hand, a misdiagnosis that leads to wrong treatment or a delay in your therapy can have serious life-altering repercussions. The doctor could have avoided it if they had not been so careless.

You should contact a medical malpractice lawyer right away. But do this if you were badly wounded or maimed due to a mistake or delayed diagnosis.

Also, the insurance company should not mislead you by its attempts to reduce your claim. If you play your cards properly, hiring a lawyer may boost the value of your claim tenfold.

2. Your Illness Has Worsened Because of a Medication Mistake

Improper therapy may do more harm than not administering any treatment at all. Each year, improper medication injures around 1.5 million Americans. This leads to $3.5 billion in economic losses.

Moreover, medication mistakes can extend unnecessary hospital admission for up to 4.7 days. You are eligible for compensation for your injuries, additional medical expenditures, and pain and suffering.

But this can only happen if you or a loved one got incorrect treatment. As a result, you got new problems or worsened an existing condition.

A medication mistake may give rise to a medical malpractice claim. This is possible if the medical professional’s negligence results in the tragic death of a loved one.

3. Contrary Second Opinion

If you are unsatisfied with your treatment, you must seek a second opinion. This should happen despite whether you have been seeing your primary care physician for a long time.

A second opinion may reduce the likelihood of misdiagnosis in some situations. It can also aid in the avoidance of therapies that are not only unneeded but also harmful.

Consult an attorney if you receive a contrary opinion from a different doctor. The difference in treatment recommendations and diagnoses indicates that one of the doctors is not performing their duties correctly.

Receiving an unexpected result from a second opinion also implies you should seek the finest doctor available. This one will provide you with superior healthcare services.

4. Your Doctor Ignores Your Concerns

There should be interaction in medical treatment. As a patient, you must inform your doctor of any symptoms you are having. After that, your doctor will ask questions to diagnose you and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Your doctor may refuse to respond. This is after you ask them questions about your diagnosis. For instance, you can ask why the therapy doesn’t work or makes you feel worse. This is a red sign.

If your doctor ignores your issues and remains in pain, hiring a reputable malpractice lawyer in Brandon, Florida, is the best way to file a malpractice claim.

5. A Careless Doctor/Midwife Harm Your Kid During Birth

Birth injuries are among the most catastrophic medical mistakes. This is because they may permanently disable a child and leave a mother emotionally traumatized beyond repair. A careless medical practitioner might cause paralysis, mental impairment, or even death to your newborn infant.

Even if a mother’s pregnancy is judged “normal,” birth problems might occur. Certain birth injuries to mothers might be so severe that they cause serious mental illness, marital breakup, and career failure.

A birth injury can be permanent or transitory. The permanent injuries may require therapy and round-the-clock care for the rest of your life. The settlement amount is also determined by if the harm is temporary or permanent.

This happens when pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit. That is why you must first consult with a medical malpractice attorney. You should do this to avoid having your claim undervalued by the insurance company or the defendant’s lawyers.

6. Paperwork Woes

A medical malpractice suit might be difficult to file. There is a lot of paperwork to fill out and keep track of. This may quickly become daunting.

You may feel irritated by all of the legal language and are unsure what each piece of paperwork is for. This is another indicator that you might benefit from the advice of a malpractice attorney.

They will walk you through the entire process of filing your claims, explaining each step along the way.

7. Issues With Insurance

The insurance company may stonewall you or you may have trouble claiming whatever reason. This is a clear indication that you should contact a medical malpractice attorney in Brandon, Florida.

A malpractice attorney will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. They will work hard to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

In most cases, when the insurance company suspects that you have a lawyer on your side, they’ll be more willing to deal with you than if you were acting solo.

Seek a Medical Malpractice Attorney Today

Everybody wants to know that when they deal with a healthcare expert, they are in safe hands. This especially happens if they are going in for surgery.

We would like to believe that our doctors never make errors. Sadly, this is not always the case.

If you’ve observed any of these difficulties following your injuries, you should consult with a medical malpractice attorney.

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