There were 7% more car crashes in 2020 than in the previous year. This is true for more than just last year. The number of accidents was the highest it’s been in more than a decade.

If you’re one of the many people who’ve been in a recent car accident, it may be best to hire a car accident lawyer. That’s a lot tougher than it sounds, though.

Knowing you could benefit from a car accident lawyer and knowing where and how to find one are two different things.

The good news is that we’re happy to help. We’ll offer some advice on finding the right car accident lawyer in this article.

1. Experience

Experience can refer to a few different things in this case. Part of it involves how long the car accident lawyer has been practicing law. 

Somebody who’s been in business longer may have handled more cases and learned more in the meantime. However, there’s more to experience than the number of cases under a lawyer’s belt.

A good car accident attorney will have experience with your specific type of case. The attorney should be able to tell you what kind of accident you were in and how to proceed from there.

2. Reputation and Record

Every lawyer who practices long enough will establish a record, and even a reputation. Some lawyers are known for winning cases, others for losing them. Many lawyers have a reputation for not going to court at all, and instead settling outside of court most of the time.

There’s nothing wrong with settling out of court. It may be a better solution than going to court. It’s almost always an easier solution.

In addition to their reputation with court cases, you should look into their reputation with clients. Winning your case is important, but cases can take a long time to reach trial. Nobody wants to spend all that time with someone who’s rude to them or seems unfocused or disorganized.

3. Working With Insurance Companies

Much of a car accident lawyer’s job is to work with insurance companies to make sure you get the best outcome and as much covered as possible.

They will need to gather evidence in an effort to prove that you weren’t at fault. Sometimes, you are at fault, and there’s nothing they can do about that, but they’ll still work to get you the best deal.

Where you are in the US may determine how much luck you’ll have with your insurance. For instance, a Houston car accident lawyer will have an easier time than a Los Angeles car accident lawyer because Texas is a no-fault state.

No-fault is a type of insurance that allows you to get some coverage for your bills even if you were at fault for the accident. A No-fault state is a state where this type of insurance is mandatory.

Finding the Right Car Accident Lawyer

Looking for a car accident lawyer is a challenging process, but knowing what to look for can make things much easier.

We’ve talked about a few things to look for in this article, but you can find more information on attorneys and the legal world on our site. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.