Careful…He Bites

2017-03-14T10:31:13-07:00December 22nd, 2016|dog bites, Personal Injury|

In 2015, homeowners’ insurance companies paid over $570 million to dog bite victims, and the $37,000+ per-claim figure has almost doubled since 2003. Dogs attack over 4.5 million people a year, and many of these victims require emergency medical attention. There are often substantial noneconomic damages as well, as many victims, especially children, are seriously [...]

Halloween Dog Attack Leaves Young Florida Girl In Critical Condition

2016-07-19T11:28:40-07:00November 25th, 2014|dog bites, General, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death|

Halloween turned truly terrifying in Florida this year when a 5-year-old girl was left in critical condition by a possible dog attack. The girl was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital after the incident, which left her barely conscious and bleeding in a Cocoa, FL yard. The young girl’s injuries are consistent with a dog attack, [...]

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